CP Transfers does work with travel agents, all pricing on our website is commission-able to you the agent unless otherwise noted. We offer Private Transfers only, we do not have any shared shuttles anywhere.  We do not have a long and complicated sign up process. If this is the first time booking with us, please fill out the Travel Agent Registration Form below so that we have all the necessary information about you. You can also see the FAQ’s as well as read our About Us page.

When placing a reservation for your client please use the Travel Agent Online Reservation form that is found using the top menu under Online Reservation or use the link below. This particular form has a space for your name, email address and your phone number. Or you can click on the link below for the form and save it in your bookmarks.

We already work with agents from across the spectrum whether they be independent, with a host or franchise. We have agents with some of the biggest in the industry who use us for their clients.

Expedia Cruise Ship Centres – Cruise Planners – Travel Planners International – Avoya –  Outside Agents – Travel Leaders – Nexion – Uniglobe – AAA – CAA

Join our Private Travel Agent Facebook Group using the link below:

Travel Agent Facebook Group

For those who don’t have Facebook we just started a group page at Band

Travel Agent Band Group

Travel Agent Registration

All agents must fill out the registration form separately even if your agency owner or host agency has already registered personally or sent us a W-9. If there is no registration on file, you will not receive commission.

Please Note: If you are with a known MLM or any company that is involved in getting any type of “downline”, we do NOT offer commission-able anything to such. Please do not ask! We only work with real travel agents with real travel companies.

Registering with us is easy:

Step 1: Click the link below, fill out the form with your information and click submit

Step 2: There is no step 2, you’re done

Travel Agent Registration

If you are an independent agency owner please complete a W-9 form and return to us: Click Here- IRS W-9 PDF FORM

If you are with a host/franchise and commissions are sent to them, the W-9 does not pertain to you as your host/franchise is on file with us.

You can Fax completed W-9 to 866-206-9033 or email it us at [email protected]

  • Commissions to International agents will have a mailing surcharge deduction. All commissions are paid in U.S. Dollars from the United States. Commissions are paid the following month following the last transfer date. If you have multiple transfers on one booking it would be the final transfer date that is used. Late fees, misc.fees and car seats are not commission-able. Commission checks will be sent once a $50.00 minimum is reached per agent/agency. 
  • We will only accept inquiries in regards to any paid/unpaid commissions up to 6 months after the last travel date of the booking. A $25.00 research fee will be required after 6 months. If you fail to fill out the agent registration, after the 3rd notice from us any commission is forfeited.
  • We gladly allow agents to take a net rate for their own personal travel upfront. However if any agent takes more than 3 net rates but doesn’t book clients where they are not traveling, we reserve the right to suspend net rates and commission to such agent.

Travel Agent Online Reservations

Below is a Travel Agent Online Reservation form for your bookings.

Travel Agent Online Reservation Form

You can place a reservation either by phone during normal business hours or you can use the link above ( it is also located under “Online Reservations” in the menu bar above). We do not accept reservations by email.

Please make sure to always use the travel agent form, it will ask for your name and phone number first then your clients name. If you do not see it laid out this way, you are on the retail form which is the wrong form.


Online Forms

If you need to fill out a credit card authorization you can find the forms here. If you don’t have a fax machine to send the forms back, there is an upload option additionally on this page.