Europe Transfers

Europe Transfers

We have private Europe transfers available in numerous areas available in Europe and around the world. These are not shared shuttles, we do not offer or have any shared shuttles in any location.

In order to get pricing you need to email the following:

(Please send it by email only, please do not use the live chat for Europe quotes)

Total amount of passengers, Exact Dates, Times and Locations

[email protected]

We will give you our standard pricing for transfers, if you want something more upgraded we will be happy to quote depending upon your needs and price point. Just let us know and we’ll get it to you.

We are adding pages for our post popular destinations in Europe for pricing. You can click on the city name below to be taken to that page.

Rome Italy Transfers        Barcelona Spain Transfers        Paris France Transfers        London Heathrow Transfers

Here is a sampling of areas currently serviced. Don’t see any area, no problem, just send us an email with the information needed above and we’ll respond back to you..

London – Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester, Southampton, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Athens, Dublin, France and  Belgium, Ireland, Hong Kong, Cancun Mexico, Tokyo Japan, and many other locations.

All pricing will be in U.S. Dollars ( we take care of converting the currency) and charged in the U.S.. All pricing given will be total inclusive of any taxes or fees. In almost all cases meet and greet is also included at airports and cruise ports in Europe.

We get asked why we require all this information and only in writing, here are a few reasons why.

1. In some areas the names of the streets are hard for Americans to understand, always better to do it writing.

2. We want to make certain we are getting the correct information and location. Yes, we look up each location to make sure it is correct. Nobody wants to be in a foreign country brought to the wrong location.

3. Vehicles are smaller in Europe and elsewhere in the world than they are in the United States and Canada. We need to make sure the correct size vehicle is assigned for the amount of luggage. Europeans also travel with smaller suit cases than Americans and Canadians do, a vehicle showing 3 people with 3 suitcases works for Europeans, it however will not work for people from North America.

4. We want to make sure we’re giving the best price for your travel. We could be like other companies who post pricing that is marked up 500% just so you can get something instantly, that isn’t how we work nor wish to operate.


Are you or do you have clients traveling for the first time abroad? If so, please read the following:


Please make sure you have your passport and that it is still valid for a minimum of 6 months after your date of return.

Make yourself aware of any Visa’s that may be required for your travel to the country you plan to visit.

Always be sure to keep some local currency on your persons, does not have to be a huge amount. Make yourself aware of the currency exchange to the U.S. Dollar.

Customs, Norms, Services, Language and Laws are different then in the United States. What you may or may not expect can vary greatly from country to country.

Americans are used to instant type service and customer service agents getting things done immediately, this is on average not that norm in the rest of world. Things move slower, take longer and in some cases unless specifically asked for you will not receive. This is particular true in restaurants, where service is the complete opposite than in the United States. Making changes to services is commonly frowned upon and often denied.

It’s best to learn simple words in another language and to research what those words actually mean in that particular country. Not everyone will speak clear English to you, if at all in some cases. Making an attempt to speak in their language goes a long way in them making an attempt to speak English to you.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with what the meanings of the words are used to avoid confusion. What we in the United States may call something may get you a blank stare in another country as they do not understand what you are asking.  For an example in many European countries asking where the “restroom” is can get you a confused look, it’s called its basic term “toilet”. Note that many cities in Europe have different names in different languages. This is particularly useful in navigating train stations and airports.

What may be perfectly acceptable in the United States, may be considered rude and in some cases illegal in their country.  It’s very important to do research on the culture, customs and language of the country where you’re traveling. Otherwise, you run the risk of a bit of embarrassment, sticking out as a definite tourist, offending natives and making life a little bit harder than necessary.

Always remember you are not in the United States but a guest in their country, you need to conform to and accept their way of doing things. Be open minded and welcoming of new experiences and Don’t expect things to be the same as home. Remember to slow down, take your time and savor the experience!


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