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Canaveral Transfers – Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals – Cocoa Beach – Orlando

Canaveral Transfers – Cruise – Hotels – Orlando – Cocoa Beach

Canaveral Transfers from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. We also pickup at Orlando hotels to or from Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral transportation to or from Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld and International Drive hotels. Cruise transfers can drop off or pickup anywhere!

The rates below are total prices

  • Includes 10% Driver Gratuity
  • All Vehicles Are Private – No Shared Shuttles

By Law Advanced Reservations are Required! A $10.00 or 10% surcharge whichever is greater will be added to all reservations made within 5 days of travel. A $30.00 or 10% surcharge whichever is greater will be added to reservations made within 1 day of travel. A $50.00 surcharge applies to reservations for pickups before 10:30 AM TO the Port. 

Yes, we do pick up at surrounding airport hotels & private residences to the Port Canaveral area! Early morning or late night fees may apply. Prices listed below for Port Canaveral Transportation are per GROUP Pricing. Not per person.

We have Private Shuttles Only – No Shared Shuttles 

There is No Tax On Transportation.

Port Canaveral Transfers

Pricing valid for hotels within 3 miles of Orlando Airport as well as Canaveral and Cocoa Beach Hotels!

Orlando Airport Transfers (Airport Hotels) to or from Port Canaveral

Amount of people1-45-78-1011-14
One Way Rates$180.00$230.00$255.00$280.00
Round Trip Rates$360.00$460.00$510.00$560.00

Orlando Airport Transfers to or from Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral Hotels

Amount of people1-45-78-1011-14
One Way Rates$185.00$235.00$260.00$285.00
Round Trip Rates$370.00$470.00$520.00$570.00

Port Canaveral Transfers to/from Disney / Universal / Lake Buena Vista Area

Amount of people1-45-78-1011-14
One Way Rates$220.00$270.00$295.00$320.00

Pricing above is valid for surrounding airport hotels within 3 miles!

A $50.00 Meet & Greet charge per transfer will be added to all reservations placed without a contact U.S. or Canadian cell phone number. The charge is nonrefundable for any reason once charged.
Late night or early morning pickup fees may apply.

Canaveral Transfers fare pricing is based on departing/arriving from the Orlando International Airport Area (within 3 miles of airport) – Additional fees apply if departing or arriving outside of the Orlando International Airport area.

$40.00 each way to/from Disney, Universal Studios, International Drive
$50.00 each way for Kissimmee Maingate – Celebration.
$30.00 each way to/from Orlando City limits outside of the Airport Area (within 10 miles)
$50.00 each way from Downtown Orlando.

No additional charge for Orlando Airport Hotels to Cape Canaveral or Orlando Airport Hotels to Cocoa Beach Hotels !




Here are a few frequently asked questions about our services.

All rates are subject to change until an actual reservation is placed and paid.

Terms and Conditions of travel

It is the responsibility of each customer to protect their travel investment with the proper travel insurance. Refunds, credits, or waiver of fees will not be issued regardless of reason or issue. Please contact us to purchase travel insurance or contact your Travel Agent.





What do I do once we are ready for pickup?

Whether you are at an airport or port the process is the same. Once everyone is ready and has their bags you call the number listed on your confirmation telling the agent your party is ready. We then notify your driver who will call you on the cell phone number you provided at the time of booking once he/she is entering the airport or port. Please see your confirmation as to where to proceed at each airport and port. In addition the driver will also give direction to the appropriate zone.

International clients at airports and cruise ports in most cases have meet and greet in each location. Please read your confirmation as to where to meet your driver. Drivers are in the arrivals areas specified by each locations controlling authority.

If departing from a hotel or residence, there is no need to call. You just need to be ready to go by your pickup time with your cell phone on just in case the driver needs to reach you.


Are your times of pickup exact?

No, there is no possible way any transportation company in particular ground transportation can guarantee any exact on the dot time for pickup. There are entirely too many variables involved for us to honor an exact time, all times are estimates and we do try our best to get your party as close to that time as humanly possible.


I've arrived early or disembarked the ship early, I don't want to wait. Do I get a refund?

No refund will be given if you have arrived early at the airport or disembarked the ship early and refuse to wait your turn. We will not give any discount or refund if you take alternate transportation. Please understand you are not our only customer of the day and as such staying to your time is very important so that we may service everyone.


How do I know what the vehicle will look like?

The driver will tell you this when he/she calls you on the cell phone number you provided for your pickup at your location. Vehicles vary in availability upon location.

** Canadian Customers: This seems to be an ongoing problem with a percentage of Canadian customers who refuse to use their cell phones in the United States due to the higher roaming charges. Please contact your cell phone provider BEFORE leaving Canada and have them turn on American calling. It is an additional fee ranging anywhere from $10- $20 but includes minutes. If you do not, we will charge your card a $50.00 meet and greet fee for having the driver park the vehicle and coming to find you. Telling us your phone does not work here, is not a valid excuse as we deal with hundreds of Canadians each month that have cell phones that work just fine. This behavior causes the shuttles to be delayed in some cases 30-45 minutes thereby putting the driver behind for the rest of his/her pickups and having other customers shuttles be late.

What time should I schedule my pickup at the airport?

A good rule of thumb is 30 minutes after your flight has arrived for U.S. domestic flights and 1 hour after arrival for international flights.

What time should I schedule my pickup from the port?

This is based off of where you are going after your cruise, if you have a flight and just personal preference. If you are going to a hotel or residence we ask you to please let us get flight people first and be towards the rear of disembarkation from the ship which is usually around 10:00 AM. If you are catching a flight home you should have a 2 hour window of arrival at the airport to proceed through TSA, you must arrive no later than 1 hour prior to your flight or the airline will NOT take your bags and you can not board the plane due to TSA rules.

We begin picking up at the port at 8:00 AM as this is the "official" opening time of U.S. Customs. Though ships sometimes release early our drivers do not begin pickups until 8:00 AM even if you are off the ship early. If you disembark early you will have to wait.

What time should I schedule my pickup to the port?

Pickups to the port begin between 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM. You have until 3:00 PM to arrive at the port for your cruise. Only those that have permission to enter the port for drop offs early ( ie a wedding) are permitted to be at the port before 11:00 AM. Please understand that some Port Authorities do not want us dropping off before 11:00 AM, porters will not take your luggage until after such time and you will have to wait outside. At some ports the authority will instruct our drivers to drop you off at the far end of the parking lot with your luggage if you arrive too early. Ships start embarkation between 12:00 - 12:30 PM.

If you definitely want a pickup to the port before 10:30 AM and you're not going for an approved reason to be at the port early, there will be a $50.00 surcharge added to your total.

What time is the latest I can be picked up from the port?

10:00 AM is the latest pickup from the port as the ship needs to be cleared and rereleased before the embarkation process begins for the next sailing.


I am not using the same cell phone I provided and the driver has not called me, why?

This seems to be a recurring situation. If you are not using the same number you provided we have no idea what the phone number is of the phone you are holding therefore we can not call you. As stated on your confirmation, if you are using a different number you must call us and let us know so that we can pass such onto your driver. Failure to do so will delay your pickup.


Is the driver going to be sitting right outside the airport baggage claim or port terminal?

No, this is not permitted at any airport or port, per the authority of such and the Department of Homeland Security. Since we deal with various Airport and Port Authorities with differing rules this rules is pretty standard across all locations.

What happens if the ship I am sailing on is delayed in releasing or arriving into port?

A ship delay for non-release is common and a ship not arriving into port happens more often than people think. In these circumstances all pickups going to the port will be delayed. The Port Authorities in some instances will state when shuttle companies may begin dropping off for such ship. This company must comply with all directives given to us by the Port Authority and in turn expects all passengers to follow such as well.

Are the drivers just sitting around waiting for us?

No, we are a shuttle/transfer company not a limousine company. You are paying only for your transportation transfer and the time within that frame. We ask that you please stay to your assigned time, as we can not guarantee that you can be picked up earlier.

Can I pay extra to have a driver be waiting?

Yes, the cost of such depends upon the vehicle type. Contact the office for pricing of such, you will pay a minimum hourly charge plus the cost of the transfer. Hourly rates for a van without a trailer is currently starting at $95.00 per hour.

Where do you pickup and drop off?

We pickup from airports, cruise ports, residences, hotels and other businesses.

Do you go to all hotels?

Yes, as long as it is in one of our cities that we service as found on the website.


Is the price the same to all hotels even if it is not an airport hotel?

No, price will vary depending upon location

We're bringing luggage, how much do you allow?

We account for 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on per person. Anything above and beyond is subject to an additional charge.

What do you mean by all inclusive pricing?

What that means is we do not charge extra for tolls, airport fees, port fees, we have no baggage handling fees and a 10% driver gratuity is included on private transfers unless otherwise noted. You can give any additional gratuity to the driver directly as the standard rate of tipping is now 20%.


When do I pay and how?

All reservations are charged at the time of booking. We take Visa, MasterCard,American Express, and Discover. Drivers do NOT accept cash payments for transfers. If paying by multiple credit cards, the entire reservation is non-refundable for any reason. If a reservation is paid by using more than 2 credit cards, a $5.00 additional charge will be added for all credit cards over 2.


Refund / Cancellation Policy: All travel with CP Transfers is subject to a cancellation fee. Travel within the United States: If you cancel your trip 3 Days prior of your first departure your entire reservation is non-refundable for any reason. If cancelling any part of your reservation outside of 3 days a minimum cancellation fee of $35.00 or 10% whichever is greater applies, depending upon vehicle type, total amount of reservation, amount of passengers and date of travel. Travel outside the United States is subject to following: If you cancel your trip 10 Days prior of your first departure your entire reservation is non-refundable for any reason. If cancelling any part of your reservation outside of 10 days a minimum cancellation fee of $50.00 or 20% whichever is greater applies, Once the reservation is placed, the policy in effect. 

Holiday Travel: A 20% surcharge will apply for any services on Christmas day 12/25 or New Year Day 01/01. Holiday Refund Policy: All Reservations scheduled on any day between December 20th and January 6th are NON-REFUNDABLE once placed for any reason. If you have scheduled a pickup between these dates your entire reservation is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason including but not limited to: weather delays, missed flights, trip cancellation, medical, or any other type of incidence.

Do you have car seats?

Yes, car seats are available upon request. A request is exactly that and they are not guaranteed. Car seats only available in select areas. Car seat or booster requests must be done at the time of booking. If you absolutely must have one we encourage you to bring your own. Charges will apply for car seats. Use of the child seat is at your own risk and you release us from any and all liability for any injury whether directly or indirectly caused by us or any other agent assigned by us. Car seat charges have no effect on the cost of the transfer and as such if a car seat or booster is ordered and not received, the only recourse will be a credit of the car seat fee to be returned as there is no guarantee of receiving a car seat paid or otherwise.

Additionally, We do not take requests for any particular kind of car seat  or booster nor will complaints about such be accepted. If you want to guarantee that a car seat or booster is there and you require a particular kind, our suggestion is to bring your own car seat with you. 


Canaveral Transfers

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At CP Transfers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. We always make sure our vehicles are up to date and properly maintained. All of our drivers are backgroundchecked and certified before they are hired, so you can rest assured that youll be in good hands when you travel with us. We also offer

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All pricing is subject to change without notice, and pricing is not guaranteed until an actual reservation has been placed

Port Canaveral Transfers

Port Canaveral Transfers: We have Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral Transfers, Orlando hotels to Port Canaveral Transfers servicing airport hotels and Orlando area hotels. Whether traveling to or from Disney Resorts to Port Canaveral, Universal Studios to Port Canaveral transfers are available. We offer Private Port Canaveral Transfers only, no shared shuttles.