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CP Transfers Travel Agent Registration
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    I confirm that the information entered above is accurate and I am the holder of or have permission from the holder of the IATA, CLIA or TRUE number entered. I certify that I am a travel agent and actively act and perform such duties on behalf of clients. I understand that if I am an independent agent an IRS W-9 form may be required, if I fail to return such form after 90 days any and all commissions owed will be forfeited. I acknowledge that I may receive emails and other solicitations from CP Transfers or its agents. CP Transfers does not pay commission to any known or suspected MLM (ie paycation, inteletravel and others directly owned, affiliated or in any other form). All commission payouts are subject to the discretion of CP Transfers, submitting the form and being with a known MLM or a violation of any of our terms does not and will not constitute payment of commission.
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